About Sound Rhyme

About Sound Rhyme

Sound Rhyme is a constantly growing brand, officially established in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, China in 2017. At the initial stage of its establishment, the company's business was mainly OEM of domestic well-known HIFI brands, and actively developed Private label and products, and won the sound rhyme brand in 2019.

The existing products include: Entry-Level Single Dynamic Driver SR1, Dynamic Driver and Balanced Armature combination SR3, Full Balanced Armature SR4, Ultimate Cost-Effectiveness SR5, Triple Frequency balanced SR7, Flagship Navigation SR8, and DD+BA+EST combination DTE500.

Although established for a short time, it has rich professional experience. As the former Chief Engineer of a well-known OEM factory, the founder has led and developed multiple popular earphone products for multiple internationally renowned Earphone Brands, with a cumulative shipment volume of over one million pairs. At the same time, the current employees are all senior professionals with over 15 years of experience.

Quality is the constant pursuit of Sound Rhyme. Every product, from development to final delivery, strictly adheres to every step and undergoes strict multiple tests before leaving the factory to ensure the good quality of the final product.

Professional equipment, experienced practitioners, and precise and full tuning have earned Sound Rhyme unanimous praise from upstream and downstream manufacturers and customers in the industry. Moreover, it has received widespread praise and recommendations from customers on various forums.

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